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31/01/2019 10:42 pm  

Reserve Number Requests.

Rules - new drivers - first check last years "Results" page at baronaspeedway.com and see if the number you want was used last year. If it was, that driver has first rights this season to that number - pick another number.

Last year drivers, your car number will be reserved for you this season through May 2019 but if you are going to race with us this season, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

I need the following info from you in you request:

1. Name (First & Last)

2. Car Number and Division.

3. Year, Make & Model of your racecar.

4. Telephone number where you can be reached between 6 - 9 PM nightly.

5. Do you have a transponder? If Yes what is the Serial Number?

I will be calling you for more info. Your number will not be reserved until I talk to you. I will call drivers in the order listed.

Email info to sdavis10@san.rr.com.


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