?? Minor Release Form for ALL children entering the pit areas. These must be filled out completely and notarized before you can enter the pits. This includes both parents’ signatures. We will have a notary on site opening race day.
Please visit the driver profile section to print one off.
?There will be a Minors table for you to drop this off at and then receive a Minor Release completed card.  Once you have your Minor card, you will simply present it at the regular window each race night.
?If you have already completed one and it is stamped before you arrive at the track, you do not need to fill out another. Simply stop at the minor table to receive your card.
??Unfortunately, for our insurance company, this is not an option, it’s mandatory.
?If we do not have a completed notarized copy on file, unfortunately, your child will not be allowed in the pits.
This will help speed the lines up and insure that your child is properly insured and the track is covered if anything happens.
Thank you for your help and understanding of the situation!
See you all very soon.
Click here for a printable form



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