As we head into the last part of the racing season, there are some serious points battles! I am here to break it down for you. As you will see, one of the most important ingredients to a successful points lead is showing up. Low car counts in some classes mean that there is only a few points difference between first and last place. Let’s take a look at each class and how the leaders are getting it done!

Kid’s Divisions

Junior Sprints – The Baldwin kids are tearing this class up! Gage is leading the points with 4 wins on the books. Taylin and Cam don’t have any wins but are 9 and 16pts down respectively. All 3 racers have been at all 11 races this season.

Sportsman Minis – This class has a really tight points race. Brysen Byford is edging out Cody Isabella by only 2pts. Here’s one that shows how consistency is important. Brysen has only had 4 wins to Cody’s 6 wins, yet Brysen is leading the points. Both boys have been to all the races. Can’t wait to see how this one finishes out!

Masters Minis – The girls are kicking butt in this class! Melanie Ross has a 3-point lead on Grace Escalante. Grace has won 3 races to Melanie’s 1 race and both girls have been there every race! Another nail-biter points race!

Adult Divisions

Stock Cars – Brian Fitzgibbons has 11 pts on Sunny Trent in this division. It would seem Brian with his 6 wins should be further ahead in points since Sunny doesn’t have any. Here’s one of those examples of showing up every week and being consistent. Both racers have been to all 8 races scheduled this season. Sunny may not have won any races but has several 2nd and 3rd place finishes.

Dwarf Cars – Mike Tobiason and Robert Peters are running 1st and 2nd with only 7 pts between them. This class has had 7 races scheduled this season so far and both drivers have shown up at every race. Mike has 3 wins to Robert’s 1 win in this tight battle. 3 more races this season will determine the track champion!

IMCA Sport Mods – David Kilpela is edging out Jayson Aldridge for the points lead by 8 pts. Out of the 8 races these gentlemen have races, David has won 3 and Jayson has won 2. These two have paid their dues and are showing up this year! 3 more races will decide their IMCA Points Championship!

Pure Stocks – Rick Chavez is killing it in this class with his 3 wins out of 8 races. Jashua Wipperman is 32 points behind Rick and has been to all the races this season. this class has consistently had 15-20 entries on each race night, so those top 5 finishes have a huge impact! 5 more races left on the books for the track championship.

IMCA Sport Compacts – Here’s a division where the top 5 positions are within 14pts! Edward Finger is currently leading with Marci McKown(-3), Ken McWilliams(-4), Maci Constance(-9), and Enzo Deckers(-14) right on his tail! Edward has won 1 race and Maci has 2 wins, but the others haven’t taken any. They have had 9 races this season on the books and have 3 races to decide the IMCA points championship.

IMCA Modified – Cole Dick with his 3 wins this season is 21 pts ahead of Bill Hackett. Modifieds have run 10 races this season and have 3 more IMCA races to determine the champion. If the season continues as it has, Cole should be taking the championship again this year!

IMCA Hobby Stocks – Thomas Daffern with his 3 wins is edging out David Hunt(0 wins) by 6 points. This division has only had 4 races on the schedule this year and has a pretty low car count. With only 10 cars on the points board, showing up has been critical! Only one more race decides the champion in this IMCA Class.

Pony Stocks – This division is tight! Jayden Medina is currently leading the points with only 1 win. The top 5 positions are within 16 points away from him. Lucas Vanderstaay (-3), Ray Klimas(-9), Wraymond Schott(-10) and Robert Minnick(-16) are all within reach with 3 more races determining the Barona Speedway Champion this year.  Lucas and Wraymod both have 1 win under their belt as well.

The last race for the IMCA Championships is Sept. 17th this season. Oct. 29th is when the Barona Speedway track championships will be finalized. I have my favorites. How are your favorites doing this season? Get out to every race and finish strong. Let’s keep racing alive in San Diego!


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